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Capturing the spirit, resilience, and diversity of Moldova’s population in the unique exhibition by Oameni si Kilometri

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“Realities in Portraits” is the title of the exhibition organised from September 30th to October 14th by the Association of Reporters “Oameni si Kilometri”, with the support of the European Union, and under the coordination of Internews. The open-air exhibition, held in three cities (Chisinau, Balti, and Cahul), showcased a diverse collection of 23 compelling portraits of people across Moldova who are facing challenges or sharing their inspiring successes. Each portrait serves as a narrative, whether it’s about adoptions, autism, vanishing traditions, anorexia, infant/maternal mortality, theatre veterans, poverty, the Romani community, or a successful honey business, among other topics.

“Photography is a very powerful tool of independent media, which is still relatively unexplored in the Republic of Moldova. Oameni si Kilometri uses photography to provide reality with imagery, power, and a visual path to inform and sensitize our readers and the public. A well-captured photograph can “touch” as beautifully as poetry. It is, therefore, more than just a means of information but also a means of promoting the art of photography in our community. Through the photography exhibition, we aimed to bring the stories of people, especially those left behind, into the hearts of as many people as possible. And we are confident that these stories have an impact,” saidPolina Cupcea, journalist and founder of Oameni si Kilometri.

For this exhibition, the organizer intentionally omitted landscapes and rural scenes. Instead, they focused solely on people and their journeys, capturing the spirit, resilience, and diversity of Moldova’s population. These portraits transcend mere images; they provide a unique insight into the lives, struggles, and triumphs of the individuals who make up Moldova.

“Through an engaging photography project, a lasting partnership has been established between the City Hall of Cahul and the Association of Reporters “Oameni si Kilometri,” which has been ongoing for about 4-5 years. The photos included in the project, of evident quality, were exhibited in the Horelor Square in Cahul. Considering the significance of this location, the high frequency of cultural and social events held throughout the year in this square, and the number of people passing through the area, we believe that the project is advantageous both for the initiative’s representatives and for the local authorities. The exhibition became an integral part of the city’s layout, and it informed local residents about important realities of the country through an accessible artistic method suitable for various age groups. We consider the cultural, social, and political topics addressed in the photography exhibition to be current and relevant for raising awareness among fellow citizens about the importance of certain issues and the challenges facing society. It also serves to showcase individuals as sources of inspiration and beautiful experiences. Therefore, we will continue to support the project in the future and hope to achieve its objectives,” declared Tatiana Romaniuc, deputy mayor of Cahul.