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Internews in Moldova PROJECTS

Internews is an international non-profit that supports independent media in 100 countries — from radio stations in refugee camps, to hyper-local news outlets, to filmmakers and technologists. Internews trains journalists and digital rights activists, tackles disinformation, and offers business expertise to help media outlets thrive financially. For 40 years, it has helped partners reach millions of people with trustworthy information that saves lives, improves livelihoods, and holds institutions accountable.

Media Enabling Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova (MEDIA-M)

The “Media Enabling Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova” (MEDIA-M) project, funded by USAID and UK, and implemented by Internews, aims to promote the development of an independent, professional media that gives citizens access to a variety of perspectives and to create a media sector that is more resilient to political and financial pressures. By focusing on the supply of and demand for objective information, this project will strengthen the ability of independent media to fulfill its role as a watchdog over the government and serve as a space for citizens to engage in public policy dialogue. Moreover, the program’s focus on the legal enabling environment will reinforce existing protections for freedom of speech, facilitate better implementation of laws, and advocate for media sector regulation in accordance with international norms.

MEDIA-M is expected to lead to an increased number of independent media producing quality content across a variety of traditional and digital platforms in rural and urban areas and create a more informed citizenry that understands the value of fact-based, credible journalism. MEDIA-M also aims to improve the capacity of local media support organizations to engender reform efforts in the media sector and participate as equal partners in their country’s democratic development. These objectives will be to be achieved, in part, through coalition building within Moldova, as well as exchanging best practices with counterparts in the Europe/Eurasia region and creating peer-to-peer partnerships. 

The main implementing partners in this program are Freedom House and the Independent Journalism Center in Moldova.


Stories of the people

In the news

Updates about our work in the media

MEDIA-M implementation results:

• Based on OCA tool, the key partners improved the institutional capacity on:

Governance and Manageent
Strategic Planning

• More than 750 journalists were trained during the 77 training sessions, held both on-line and in person.

Media Literacy

In 2022, the course has reached all districts and municipalities of the country:

Teachers trained
Children reached
Participants trained by 30 librarians

• The legal environment of media was reinforced with the support of implementing partner Freedom House, amending the Audiovisual Code and the Law on Attracting Investment for Film and Other Audio-visual Works Production.

Supporting Independent Media and Information Resilience (SIMIR) in Moldova

The “Supporting Independent Media and Information Resilience (SIMIR) in Moldova” project is funded by the European Union and implemented by Internews between 24 May 2022 – 23 November 2023.

17 independent media outlets received emergency assistance to maintain existing programs and continue producing quality information for audiences

4 Print

6 TV

7 Online

  • Over 94,800 pieces of local content in diverse and engaging formats, which provided timely and socially important information in Romanian and Russian, were published on supported media websites.

  • Over 5,0 mln unique users were reached monthly.

  • 94% of supported media maintained or even increased their level of content production.

  • 76% of supported media maintained or even increased their online audience.

Six CSOs and media outlets strengthened the capacities of citizens to navigate and evaluate media information environments

  • 1,333 youth were empowered with tools to distinguish between false and true information through interactive games.
  • 402 teachers and youth workers received a new instrument to improve young people’s capacity to search for and analyze information, both in online and offline contexts.
  • 91 media literacy activities were organized in more than 33 districts of Moldova.
  • Over 3 mln users were reached through the production and distribution of over 431 pieces of media content on social media platforms, addressing the current political and socialagenda, providing explanations on sensitive topics, and debunking prevalent rumors.
  • 4 surveys on the perception of disinformation and political preferences of the population were conducted and distributed to the public.
  • 130 residents of ATU Gagauzia participated in a survey and voiced their perspectives on the issue of disinformation in the region.

The Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Moldova’s technical capacity to contribute towards the EU’s efforts to counter disinformation strengthened.

  • 45 computers, 46 uninterruptible power source devices, 16 laptops, 8 monitors, 2 servers, 3 video security systems, 55 licenses for various types of software, and other items transferred.
  • Internews co-financed the development of the Notifications & Rule Management System which is an additional feature incorporated into the Media Monitoring Automation Software.


Newsroom Organizational Resilience Models and Strategies (NORMS)

In June 2022, Internews started the Newsroom Organizational Resilience Models and Strategies (NORMS) project, supported by the US Embassy in Moldova, which aims to develop a vibrant, sustainable, independent media sector at the regional level in Moldova that can increase access to relevant, diverse information for Moldovan citizens outside Chisinau. To accomplish this goal, the project will provide comprehensive long-term support to five independent regional media outlets to build their managerial, business, and editorial capacity. As a result, the outlets will improve their overall organizational capacity, financial sustainability, and editorial quality and reach.

The project will also commission detailed audience research to give partners a clearer idea of their audiences’ information demands and help create content of interest, build relationships with their audiences, and explore new opportunities to generate and diversify their revenue.

Supporting Expanded Newsroom Sustainability and Engagement (SENSE)

In September 2021 Internews launched a new two-year project in Moldova focused on local media: Supporting Expanded Newsroom Sustainability and Engagement (SENSE).

The goal of this project is to strengthen regional  independent media in Moldova outside Chisinau by helping newsrooms  improve their financial sustainability and expand the reach of fact-based, locally relevant, and engaging content.

  • Strengthen Key Partner Regional Media Outlets: Under this project five competitively selected regional media Key Partners – Nokta,  TUK, Bas TV, Studio-L, and Observatorul de  Nord – will receive long-term support to ascend  to the next stage in their development. We will  co-create plans for assistance with them to  promote systemic change based on the  findings and recommendations provided by  regular capacity assessments. Goals will be accomplished through intensive, on-site and  online training and mentoring combined with  grant support.

  • Foster networks and skills development to encourage resource sharing among regional media: We will train up promising Moldovan  talent, focusing specifically on regional journalists, photographers, editors, managers, and  others with in-demand skills, and develop a network through which they can offer their  knowledge and expertise to other outlets.

  • Support “Passion  Projects”: To engage promising or influential media outlets that are not Key Partners but are still interested in improving their content or business and engagement strategies, Internews will offer small grants to advance a specific initiative that is driven by the outlet’s  internal priorities.

Following Internews’ extended, intensive capacity development approach, supported media outlets are anticipated to increase their organizational, business, and editorial capacity; expand production of quality content; increase their audience size and improve audience engagement across multiple platforms; and start to diversify their revenue streams to lead to long-term sustainability.