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Request for Clarification – Questions and Answers

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Tender no. 2 (OT- MD22EED172-30112022): “Procurement of IT Equipment”

Question No. 1

I need clarification on the technical characteristics of the video surveillance equipment. This equipment must be integrated into the existing system or is it a new object from scratch? And what spaces will need to be supervised to choose the right rooms? I would like to meet to do an investigation and make a correct concept regarding the given lot.

Clarification to Question No. 1

The video surveillance equipment will be a stand-alone system. It will protect the server room and the entrance. All Respondents can evaluate the infrastructure on December 6, December 7, or December 9, 2022. The contact details will be provided via email.

Question No. 2

Some new details appeared that should be included in the specifications, a security system with temperature control was requested. In order to carry out the design of the given system, I ask for your permission.

Clarification to Question No. 2

The temperature control was not requested in the tender for the video surveillance equipment. To comply with the tender, please submit the offer with the minimum requirements mentioned in the tender. Also, you can include separately the price & specifications with the temperature control.  Internews will analyse the offer within the available project funds limits.