Stories have to be told, because it is what connect us

Within MEDIA-M project, we’ll present how Internews works with local partners to develop and implement programs that make a positive impact in Moldova.


Building bridges among the communities through National Geographic Photo Camp

With National Geographic Photo Camp, youth in Moldova tell stories through an inclusive lens

Media Literacy Can Be Learned at Any Age

In Moldova, seniors learn ways to decipher facts from falsehoods as election season nears

Civil Society Tracks Trolls and Fakes, Prompts Facebook Action in Moldova

Trolless platform presented to Facebook in January a list with hundreds of fake accounts suspected of supporting different political parties through disinformation.

Creative Advertising Boosts Subscribers to Investigative Reporting Outlet in Moldova

Strengthening the resilience of independent media outlets in a country where media and advertising is concentrated in the hands of oligarchs.

Posters in Minibuses Provide Media Literacy for Moldovans On the Go

Rural citizens learn how to identify misinformation while they’re commuting

Our work

For 35 years and in more than 100 countries, we have worked with local partners to build hundreds of sustainable organizations, strengthened the capacity of thousands of media professionals, human rights activists, and information entrepreneurs, and reached millions of people with quality, local information, improving lives and building lasting change.